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Lean Planning for Startup Workshop

April 3, 2021 @ 10:00 AM - April 4, 2021 @ 4:00 PM EET
Online – Zoom Meeting

What is Lean Planning?

Lean Planning is an ongoing business planning process to help you build a better business, not just a business plan document.
You can use the Lean Planning process to develop a solid strategy for your business, refine your strategy as you learn more about your customers and their needs, and track your financial performance as you go.
Lean planning is an easier alternative to the business model canvas method of planning.
Lean Planning can help you produce the business plan documents and pitch presentations that you might need as part of getting started, raising money, or getting a loan. But, the goal of Lean Planning isn’t to just produce documents that you use once and shelve. Instead, the Lean Planning process helps you build a healthier company that will outlast all the business failure statistics.

The Workshop outlines:

• What’s Lean? Lean Manufacturing… and Lean Planning
• Principles of Lean Planning
• The First Three Steps: (Set the Strategy – Tactics & Execution- Milestone & Metrics)
• Step Four: Essential Business Numbers (Set Sales and Spending Categories – Develop Your Numbers and Estimates – Sales Forecast Structure – Budget Your Spending – Plan for Cash)
• Business Plan Financials Simplified
• Step Always: Review and Revise Your Lean Business Plan “Live” on BznsBuilder.com –

If you’re a startup:
Lean Planning helps you quickly figure out if your idea is any good and what you need to change to build a viable business.

If you’re an established business:
Lean Planning works even if you’re already up and running. It helps you continually refine and tweak your strategy while measuring your progress toward your goals. After all, planning is about making better management decisions, not about producing a thick document that sits in a drawer.
Now, let’s dig into the actual Lean Planning process and join our workshop powered by Etisal Assiut.

Duration: 12 hours. (6 Hours/Day)

Speaker: Ms. Riham Abu Elinin

Join Workshop from this Link: Click Here

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