We are hiring: Senior Mechanical Engineer


  • Receive, understand, and analyze the task requirements per customer standards and customer needs.
  • Prepare 2D technical and installation layouts for different systems.
  • 3D Modelling of different systems & assemblies using 3D-CAD software.
  • Apply mechanical design concepts according to customer standards and requirements.
  • Prepare technical & assembly drawings of different systems.
  • Design of new components, and improve the design of current components.
  • Perform necessary calculations for design, material selection, and ordering entry.
  • Provide effective communication to internal & external customers to ensure tasks/projects delivery within the time frame and with the highest quality.
  • Attend all the training required to improve technical & non-technical skills.
  • Identify and resolve complex engineering problems by applying problem-solving techniques.
  • Provide technical support & guidance to team members.
  • Participate in preparing training materials – presentations – induction sessions.
  • Review the work quality of the team members before customer delivery.
  • Write technical reports and documentation.
  • May coordinate tasks and duties between team members.
  • Accept extra responsibilities and react when asked by the manager, team leader, or team coordinator.
  • Participate in commissioning for complete Mechanical Systems.
  • Manage Project progress and ensure timely delivery of Tasks.
  • Induct training sessions for new hires.
  • May lead a team of engineers
  • May follow up with other leaders and/or mentors to meet customer needs.
  • Attend all customer meetings
  • May implement utilization sheets and reports required from the operation manager or Team leader
  • May communicate with operation manager to achieve the department’s target
  • Provide assistance to the business development team if needed.
  • Participate in interviewing potential candidates.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (or similar related degree).
  • 5 to 7 years relevant experience.
  • Proficient in AutoCAD & 3D modeling software (e.g. Solidworks, Inventor, and NX )
  • Strong knowledge with experience in mechanical design, production, and manufacturing processes.
  • Strong knowledge with experience in Design validation & Finite-Element-Analysis.
  • Works according to international engineering standards and specifications.

✅To #apply kindly send your #CV to jobs@etisal.org and type “Senior Mechanical Engineer” at the message title.

✅If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email: info@etisal.org or phone/Whatsapp: +201067737621

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