UN Women Call For Proposals in Egypt

Deadline Date: 24-May-2022

UN Women is calling for proposals to provide capacity building and support development activities directed towards women in the rural areas of Delta (Gharbeya governorate) to enable them to sustain their basic needs through decent employment opportunities and income generating activities.

  • The intervention should cover the duration of 7 months.
Women, in rural areas in Delta (Gharbia governorate), are economically empowered
  • Output 1: Women in Delta (Gharbia governorate), are better equipped with capacity building skills and vocational training that respond to the needs of their communities
  • Output 2: Economically led initiatives for women are supported through seed funds for their scalability and access to the relevant markets.
Geographic Focus
  • Geographical area: Gharbia governorate
  • Technical/functional competencies required:
    • The organization has a well-developed framework through which to deliver its vision and strategy and ensure effective business processes.
    • Previous experience in conducting similar works/projects relevant to the scope and size of the current project.
    • Previous experience of working with different vulnerable groups on their capacity building and empowerment.
    • Previous experience in conducting gender/human rights advocacy and awareness raising at a local level is a plus.
    • Previous experience of work at the local level and coordination of cooperation between different groups and organizations.
    • Ability to be fully operational and perform the Terms of Reference (TOR) in Egypt.
  • Other competencies, while not required, can be an asset for the performance of services
    • Previous experience of development of training materials on gender equality and women’s empowerment and women’s rights.
    • Previous experience of provisions of tailored services for vulnerable groups
For more information, visit UN Women.

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