The Effective Executive - Crisis Management

The Effective Executive – Crisis Management

Viable organizations need to be ready for emergencies because they are a fact of doing business. The worst plan is not to have any kind of plan at all, and the best plans are tested and adjusted so that they work overtime. Fortunately, you do not need separate plans for fire, weather disasters, and all the different kinds of crises that can occur. One solid plan will help you to prevent, respond, and recover from all crises. In your organization.

Learning Objectives:

-Assign people to an appropriate crisis team role

-Conduct a crisis audit

-Establish the means for business continuity

-Determine how to manage incidents

-Help your team recover from a crisis

-How to apply the process

Training Topics:

-Introduction to Operations
-What is crisis management?
-Training leaders and staff
-Conducting the crisis audit
-Performing a risk level analysis
-Developing a response process
-Consulting with the experts
-Incident management techniques
-Working through the issues
-Establishing an emergency opera­tions center
-Building business continuity and recovery
-Recovering and moving on
-Plenty of case studies and practice opportunities

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