Technical Writer

Technical Writer

Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO)

Electronics and Hardware

Job Family:
Technical Documentation

Job Role:
Technical Writer

Indicative Role Titles:
Content Writer, Technical Communicator, Technical Documentation Specialist, Information Developer

Role Description:
Develop technical content such as manuals, product information, training material, etc. to serve as a medium of knowledge transfer between the product development team and users.

Required Interactions:

Internal Stakeholders:

-Line manager
-Software Developers
-Subject matter experts

External Stakeholders:
-Beta users

Job Accountabilities:
-Work directly with the relevant users to establish technical documentation needs
-Gather information from all stakeholders to determine technical and non-technical processes and business needs for documentation
-Generate technical documentation/ publication which serves as user guides and instructional material for end-users
-Work in close association with the technical teams to prepare project-specific documentation – proposals, manuals, reports, nomenclature, and protocol use documents
-Collect feedback on technical documentation to improve readability

Technical Competencies:
-Documentation Production
-Information Technologie Literacy
Personal Characteristics
-Analyzes Information
-Applies Technical Knowledge
-Focuses on Process and Quality

Qualifications & Training:

Essential Qualification:

-Graduate in Computer Science, Engineering

Indicative Certifications & Trainings:

– Training on Technical Writing, Structured Algorithms

Indicative Years of Experience:
-0-2 years of work experience/internship in technical writing

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