Submit Applications for The Liveability Challenge 2022

Deadline Date: 01-Apr-2022

Donor Name: The Liveability Challenge

Applications are now open for 2022 The Liveability Challenge (TLC) for innovative solutions to combat urban challenges of the 21st century!

The Liveability Challenge will be accepting disruptive, game-changing solutions that will help cities accelerate decarbonisation, meet increasing demand for food, and conserve the planet’s natural ecosystems.

Finalists will get an exclusive opportunity to pitch their game-changing solutions at The LiveabilityChallenge Grand Finale to a team of Asia’s most sought-after investors! The top solutions will not only be able to deliver measurable impact for society and planet, but also provide a rare—and profitable—business opportunity.


The three themes for this year’s challenge are:

  • Decarbonisation: The current rate of reduction of carbon emissions is insufficient to meet the climate goals. To accelerate the transition to a net zero future, there is an urgent need for breakthrough innovations in the drastic reduction or removal of carbon emissions from the atmosphere.
  • Food & Agritechnology: The world’s population is projected to increase to10 billion by 2050, with demand for food predicted to spike by 56%. One third of the world’s food is wasted each year, and the sector is responsible for between 21% to 37% of human-induced carbon emissions. Meanwhile, obesity or undernutrition affect over 2.3 billion people in the world today and Covid-19 has also highlighted the possible transmission of pathogens through food.
  • Nature-based Solutions: Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are almost 50% higher than when the industrial age began. Amid the global urgency to decarbonize the economies, nature-based solutions (NBS) have emerged as a key pathway to achieve climate goals. According to The Nature Conservancy, NBS can provide up to 37% of the emissions reductions needed by 2030 to keep global warming under 2°C. Beyond acting as carbon sinks, nature-based solutions also provide other benefits such as improving air quality, protecting biodiversity and providing livelihoods for local communities.

Finalists stand a chance to win the grand prize of up to S$1 million in grant funding for project development, among other opportunities!

Eligibility Criteria
  • 18 years or older.
  • Not an employee of Temasek Foundation or Eco-Business
  • Not a close relative or connected otherwise with the organisation or the judging of the competition
  • Decarbonisation – Submitted solutions should:
    • Significantly reduce the carbon emissions produced by industries; or effectively capture, and convert carbon emissions into useful products such as food protein, building materials, reclamation sand or synthetic fuels
    • Be technology-based solutions (e.g. physical, chemical)
    • Conduct the pilot in Singapore and integrate into its existing infrastructure
    • Be carbon negative in the overall lifecycle and have zero/minimal externalities
    • Be scalable and commercially viable
  • Food & Agritechnology – Submitted solutions should:
    • Produce novel foods with improved nutritional quality without compromise on taste and texture
    • Deliver breakthroughs in food production over current methods of production
    • Minimise resource requirements for production and waste outputs (e.g.through circularity of materials)
    • Enhance food safety and quality
    • Be commercially viable and scalable in a dense urban environment
  • Nature-based Solutions – Submitted solutions should:
    • Create value from the conservation or restoration of natural ecosystems in Southeast Asia (e.g. peatland, seagrasses, mangroves) through business models; or improve measurement, reporting, and verification of environmental, social, and economic impacts of NBS (e.g. carbon sequestration, co-benefits)
    • Have a pilot in Southeast Asia
    • Improve the livelihoods of local communities
    • Secure the support of local government stakeholders
    • Be scalable and commercially viable (including establishing off-takers for crops/products of smallholder farming communities)

For more information, visit TLC.

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