Sales management

Sales management -“Sales Vision”

Course Overview:

This module is designed to suit the specific needs of sales managers and business owners leading sales functions within the CIT industry. designed topics covered in this module are represented as an essential building block within the Middle Management track and complement the portfolio of professional competencies required by modern management teams. It is logically structured to build the knowledge of the learner in subsequent,    correlated steps that mirror real-life practices, with which the learner can identify.  Practical examples,  group case studies, and best practices from notable speakers convey the ultimate link to facilitating practical application of the studied concepts.

Program Objectives:

– Identifying the right sales strategies

-Select, train, and coach the  right salespersons

-Motivating salespeople

-Managing the sales function

-Maximizing sales output

-Develop a sales strategy and link it to the marketing strategy

-Use sales Forecasting methodologies to forecast his annual sales

-Set his sales quota and map it to the team capabilities

-Select and train the right salespeople

-Coach  sales staff and account managers before and during sales calls

-Compensate their subordinates based on performance and evalua­tion of sales performance


Course Modules:

Module1:Developing Sales Strategies  -day  1:  

– Communicating Company’s differ­ initiation strategy to target markets.

– Managing life cycle strategies

-Designing sales strategies for market leaders, challengers, follow­ er and niches.

– Harvard Case: Stop the battle between marketing and sales

Module2: Sales forecasting and bud­ getting – day 2:

“Africa/Middle East Region over­ view.

-Forecasting sales and developing budgets.

– Sales forecasting techniques.

– Strategic and operational planning.

– Estimating markets and sales potential”.

Module3:0rganizing and developing Salesforce – day 3

-Salesforce Organization Structure­ profiling and recruiting sales force­ selecting and hiring sales people­ developing.

– Delivering and reinforcing sales training.

Best Practice Sharing – Day 4

 -Vodafone Guest speaker and Best Practice

Who Should Attend?

– Middle Managers

Duration    4 Days

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