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The Business of Freelancing – Webinar

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Webinar Content:

– The concept of Freelancing and the difference between it and private work.
– Advantages and challenges of Freelancing compared to traditional jobs.
– When is freelancing the best choice?
– Is it possible to Adapt freelancing with your current job?
– How to get the best freelancing opportunities and make the most of it.

Speaker: Eng. Ahmed Yousef

Speaker Bio:

Ahmed studied communications and electronics at the Faculty of Engineering (Cairo) and is currently undertaking his Master’s in Information Security at Nile University. He has since forged a successful career as both a consultant and trainer, across the GCC.

As a professional trainer, Ahmed has delivered in excess of 5,000 training hours, across subjects such as; Cyber Security Cryptography; Web and Mobile App Security, iOS and Android Development, UX, Java and many more.


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