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Empowerment of disabled women through technology

This project aims to help women and girls with disabilities in 11 districts (Abnoub - Abutij - Ghanayem - Sahel Selim - Sidfa - Manfalut - Qusiya - Dairout - Badari - Fath - Assiut) to achieve the financial independence of starting their small projects at their homes, to promote them and ensure sustainability through the use of ICTs. Etisal will help girls and women to develop their hand-crafts, technological skills, selling, marketing and business skills and by providing them with the raw materials and the manufacturing tools needed to start their small projects and market their products using modern technology methods to reach the largest number of consumers and solve their marketing problems resulting from the difficulty of moving. in addition to joining the labor market - increasing the income of girls and women involved in the action, and raising awareness among the community about the importance of economically empowering disabled women.


Information Dissemination

Etisal Assiut provides members with available market studies and reports that might benefit the members looking for export. The reports are produced either locally or internationally based on division needs.

Innovation& Entrepreneurship

Innovation is culture that need to be implemented in the mindset of the management through training & workshops. Etisal Assiut help its members innovate through different programs and contests in collaboration with worldwide technology providers.

International Reach

Etisal Assiut promotes Exports and Investment Opportunities for its members through various international projects and programs in cooperation with EITESAL NGO. Delegations to different markets are organized either together with ITIDA or through other institutions.

Local Market Reach

Etisal Assiut is adopting a program to connect the members with vertical stakeholders from different sectors. For example, banking sector can be invited to a large-scale workshop where their innovative solutions. Worldwide experiences might be discussed as well. That creates new markets for new products from members.

Career development programs

Etisal Assiut delivers specific programs to develop the managerial capabilities of the members’ employees. Each division or business has its own career skills set and in need for tailored and customized programs.

Human Resources Development

Raising the competency of the industry is one of Etisal Assiut’s main objectives. Etisal Assiut Strives to provide training courses to members at very affordable price. Training programs are designed in collaboration with professional training providers based on members’ training needs that are surveyed regularly.

Networking and IT Awareness Event

Etisal Assiut organizes Networking and IT Awareness events to promote remote member companies and their services to increase their business ability and competitiveness. Worldwide Technology providers are regularly invited to address Etisal Assiut members in different areas.

Centralized Professional Services (CPS)

ETISAL ASSIUT initiated the CPS for SMEs “consultancy services” aimed at empowering SME’s by providing selected consultations by professional services providers. These services are either not available in these companies or were not professional enough to protect the companies of potential risks in the areas of Marketing, HR, Financial and Legal. Marketing-Human Resources-Financial-Business Development-Digital Marketing.


Upper Egypt Innovates Competition - مسابقة الصعيد يبتكر

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