Marketing & Branding

Marketing & Branding – “Differentiate or Die”

Course Overview:

This training is concerned with building a marketing focus for IT Companies. The ability to clearly segment the market and knowing who are our target customers versus who is not is crucial in pooling and gearing the business focus and resources. The BLOCK also tackles issues of Targeting and positioning of the company in a market where marketing shapes perceptions and connections, understanding the internal infrastructure role in matching marketing promises as well as attending a  number of keynote speeches on successful business cases.

Program Objectives:

– Understand the segmentation  process and its importance

– Explore different segmentation bases and testing its effectiveness

– Conducting competitive analysis  effective targeting

– Assessing potentiality for each   segment for selection

– Performing cost-benefit analysis to   evaluate segment attractiveness

– How to create competitive advan­tage in your selected markets

– How to capitalize on your company’s unique attributes to differentiate from the competitors

– How to profile the target customers you want to attract

– How to communicate a clear  and consistent message to the market

– How to maximize the return on your sales and marketing activities

Course Modules:

Module1 – day 1:

– Segmentation process

-Explore segmentation bases and testing their effectiveness targeting

Module 2 – Day 2:

 – CELEMI – LIVON – Differentiate or Die

Marketing Simulation on Segmen­tation, Targeting, and Positioning

Module 2 continued – day3:

 – CELEMI – LIVON – Differentiate or Die

Marketing Simulation on Segmen­tation, Targeting and Positioning

MODULE 3 Half Day

-Keynote Speakers Day EVENT

-(2 Presentations on Global Market­ ing in the IT Industry.


Assessment  PACK1

 Participants will be given a Business Case to work and will be discussed at the end of Day 3


Who Should Attend?

 – Middle Managers, Marketing Man­agers, Product Team Leaders, Mar­keting Project Team Members, Account Managers who work in projects or functions related to strategic marketing and marketing planning.

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