innovative organizational growth - Tap the Creativity of your Team

innovative organizational growth – Tap the Creativity of your Team

Two conditions are required to gener­ ate the greatest amount of corporate creativity – first, when a business is in the eye of the problem; second, when people possess the self-confidence and autonomy to respond creatively to the problem. This workshop is based on the premise that everyone has an untapped creative talent that,  when harnessed, can bring positive results and business benefits. The skill is in capturing the talent.

Learning Objectives:

– This workshop is suitable for all lead­ers, managers, and supervisors of teams who face tough business challenges and needs to equip their staff with greater creative resources to resolve problems and implement new ideas

– Some participants have a strong preference for logical thinking and systematic implementation, and to break this pattern means to be, out of comfort zone181 and to stimulate very powerful new ideas and opportunities


Training Topics:

-Benefits of using a creative approach

– Recognizing the difference between creativity & innovation

-Breaking through thought patterns and assumptions

-Enabling creativity

-Methods  and tools  for  generating ideas

– Logical versus lateral thinking

– Creative problem solving

– Applying the learning

– Reviewing  the  learning  and  next steps

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