Innovative Organizational Growth - Strategic Planning

Innovative Organizational Growth – Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is about getting your team, department, or organization where it needs to go. Starting from knowing where you are and moving to where you want to get to, this course takes you right through the strategic planning process with helpful tools, techniques, and ideas for every stage to enhance your strategic thinking skills

Learning Objectives:

– To be confident in differentiating strategic from business planning.

– To recognize the importance and value of detailed analysis and have experience in using a variety of tools and techniques.

– To have an appreciation of the relationship between your organiza­tion’s vision and mission and its future, and will have applied this thinking to your own organization.

-To have a clear understanding of monitoring and evaluation, and will have improved your strategic think­ ing skills.

training Topics:

– Defining what “strategic ” means

– Using the strategic planning process to help you make choices about the future nature and direction of your organization

– Assessing the benefits and risks of strategic planning

– Preparing for the planning process including developing a project plan, identifying your stakeholders

– The value of stakeholder involvement at every phase

– Undertaking a strategic review to determine, where  are  we  now?’

– Thinking about the relationship between outputs, outcomes, and impact

identifying strategic direction

– Taking a fresh look at what your organization is, what it does, and why

– Setting strategic objectives

– Implementing the strategy

– Undertaking effective monitoring and evaluation


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