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Competition Description


Upper Egypt Innovates is an annual competition that implemented to support young entrepreneurs in
Upper Egypt who have innovative ideas that could be transformed into real projects and existing startups
on the ground and encourage them towards entrepreneurship and having their own business which in role
will support the national economy, SMEs and provide more job opportunities.

Target Group:

Young entrepreneurs Upper Egypt cities including (Bani suef, Minya, Asyut, Sohag, Qena, Luxor, Aswan,
New valley and Red sea).

Admission Requirements:

1- The applicants’ age must be from 18 to 35.
2- The applicants must have innovative ideas or ideas with add value in the ICT sector.
3- Must have a team consists of at least from 3 people.
4- Must have a prototype or MVP.

Field of specialization:

This competition targets ideas in the ICT sector specifically in those sectors:
1- Education/ Learning
2- Fintech
3- Health
4- Water energy & Food


6 months

Program Phases:

1- Pre-Selection Phase.
2- Selection Phase.
3- Acceleration Phase.
4- Closing Ceremony Phase.

Registration: Click Here

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