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Membership Procedures & Required Documents

  1. Filling in the Attached Membership Form. (Download Link)
  2. Sending a Copy of the Company Commercial Registry that clarifies that your esteemed corp. works in IT field.
  3. Send a letter to confirm who is representing the organization in Etisal Assiut” mentioning his/ her position” as below text “This is to confirm that Mr. “Rep Name” from “company name” “Position” is our company representative in Etisal Assiut. (Download Link)
  4.  Company Tax Card.
  5.  Copy of company Representative ID.
  6.  Representative Personal Recent Photo.
  7.  Company Logo with high resolution.
  8.  Company Profile also you should fill in the following form (Download Link).
  9.  Copy of Social Insurance “2” document or send us the following letter (Download Link)
  10.  Upon receiving the required documents, documents will be presented to Etisal Assiut Executive committee for Approval.
  11.  Paying fees and subscription “based on number of employees”
  12.  Add Company contacts to our database and contact list.
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