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Foreign trade is one of the most important drivers of development for countries, so exports are considered a source of national income. Export is also a very important development tool to stimulate small and medium enterprises to work and stability. It is also considered one of the factors that help to raise the rate of economic growth by increasing local production as well as its contribution to reducing unemployment and providing job opportunities.

Etisal Assiut launching an initiative for startups and companies in Upper Egypt in the ICT sector called “Get in Touch Globally (GTG)”. This initiative supports startups and companies that already have products or Services in the ICT and looking forward to exporting their products or services outside Egypt. Also, it aims to enable those companies to:

– Explore the foreign market outside Egypt and export their products or services.
– Support them with the legal steps and requirements to start exporting.
– Get consultancy for developing their companies in order to be able to achieve continuity with the export operations.
– Build a strong network of relationships with foreign companies and investors by matchmaking.

Target groups:
Estimated from 10 to 15 companies and startups that already have products or services in the ICT sector and seeking for exporting their products outside Egypt and large their scope of network and partners.

6 months, starting from November to April from each year.

– Education
– Healthcare
– Fintech
– Financial services & industries
– Sports Management

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