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Members Empowerment Services

Centralized Professional Services (CPS)

ETISAL ASSIUT initiated the CPS for SMEs “consultancy services” aimed at empowering SME’s by providing selected consultations by professional services providers. These services are either not available in these companies or were not professional enough to protect the companies of potential risks in the areas of Marketing, HR, Financial and Legal.

Marketing-Human Resources-Financial-Business Development-Digital Marketing.

Networking and IT Awareness Event

Etisal Assiut organizes Networking and IT Awareness events to promote remote member companies and their services to increase their business ability and competitiveness. Worldwide Technology providers are regularly invited to address Etisal Assiut members in different areas.

Human Resources Development

Raising the competency of the industry is one of Etisal Assiut’s main objectives. Etisal Assiut Strives to provide training courses to members at very affordable price. Training programs are designed in collaboration with professional training providers based on members’ training needs that are surveyed regularly.

Career development programs

Etisal Assiut delivers specific programs to develop the managerial capabilities of the members’ employees. Each division or business has its own career skills set and in need for tailored and customized programs.

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