Finance For Non-Financials

Finance For Non-Financials

In the entrepreneurial challenge business simulation, the goal is for each participant -whether he or she is a front line worker, a manager, or an executive – to grasp essential financial concepts


Learning objectives : 

-investing, generating profits, and posting losses

-maintaining financial statements

-deciding the strategic direction in the marketplace

-implementing change and measuring results

-monitoring cash flow, receivables, and inventories

-using operating income to compare results to competitors


Training Topics :

-Team competition simulations consist of three business cycles in which teams have full decision -making power and are accountable for the business results

-In each cycle, the team-based companies develop and implement a business strategy that incorporates real-world dynamics: production capacity, customers, prices, and financing

-Each cycle includes competitors and market analysis; setting prices in a competitive market; monitoring cash flow; preparing an income statement and balance sheet; and posting, comparing, and discussing results

-Teams have opportunities to improve their companies with real-world business solutions: expansion, quality initiatives, niche marketing,and more. finance learning is wholly integrated within the simulation.

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