Marketing Specialist

Etisal Assiut is hiring Marketing Specialist

#Etisal #Assiut is #hiring a #Marketing Specialist

✍️Job Responsibilities:

🗒Planning and Implementation:-
• Create & edit the content of marketing materials, social media, websites, digital media,..etc
• Preparing a yearly marketing plan in a timely and professional manner.
• Coordinate with other departments that data collection of marketing activities related data to be included in monthly marketing activities reports.
• Assist in solving marketing plan implementation problems.
• Responsible for approaching and dealing with marketing materials suppliers and vendors to manage requests, tasks, and deliverables.
• Prepare & deliver marketing communication materials as assigned
• Research of possible services to be delivered to the members and could support the attraction of new members.
• Suggest ways to develop Etisal Assiut’s services
• Participates in setting plans for opening new channels and markets
• Plan and implement services & programs marketing campaigns as needed
• Manage Etisal Assiut website content & follow up on designs & development and create & implement a website marketing plan.
• Copy writes articles for media & website publishing.
• Prepare association announcements and news in a professional format to be published across several media channels and publicity centers in coordination with the marketing team.
• Events Management
• Assist marketing Team & Executive Manager in developing a yearly event plan
• Create & execute a marketing plan for each event
• Responsible for the preparation of all required and needed marketing materials per event
• Identify problems occurring within an event and reports to Executive Manager
• Suggest solutions and courses of action overcome event’s problems
• Attend events and assure implementation excellence in cooperation with the operation team
• Plan and implement a professional awareness campaign for upcoming events in cooperation with other departments and parties.
• Implementation of sponsorship programs’ benefits

🗒Etisal Assiut’s Digital Marketing:-
• Preparing and implementing of Etisal Assiut digital marketing plan in a timely and professional manner
• Supervise the collection of data related to digital marketing content development
• Recommend new digital marketing channels and programs based on studying the advancement
• Supervise the generation of digital marketing performance reports on a regular basis
• Follow-up of the online questions and member’s inquiries and direct it to the correct channel within the organization.

✍️Salary & Benefits:
• Competitive package based on experience & qualifications as you will be working as a Full-Time from Etisal Assiut Premises.
• First three months’ probation.
• Medical & Social insurance.
• Mobile line for communication.

✍️Working Conditions:-
It is mainly in the office environment at Etisal Assiut premises in Assiut. Frequent visits to Etisal Assiut members and providers will be needed.

✅To #apply kindly send your #CV to and type “Marketing Specialist” at the message title.

✅If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email: or phone/Whatsapp: +201067737621

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