Etisal Assiut is hiring a training coordinator

✍️Duties and responsibilities:

  • Create training schedules, track and create reports on all training outcomes, and maintain training records.
  • Gather and evaluate information from Etisal Assiut members and the management team on previous training to identify weaknesses and areas that need additional training.
  • Attend seminars and meetings to learn new training methods and techniques and use the knowledge to prepare and coordinate future training sessions.
  • Recruit and train new Trainers, delegate training tasks to the new Trainers and evaluate performance.
  • Market Etisal Assiut training opportunities to members and beneficiaries and provide information on benefits to encourage participation.
  • Inform trainees on scheduled training and track their progress.
  • Recommend training materials and methods, order and maintain in-house equipment and facilities and manage the budget set for training.

✍️Skills and qualifications:

  • Excellent time management skills, public speaking skills, problem-solving skills and both verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficiency in word processing and presentation software
  • Ability to operate media equipment such as projectors and personal computers
  • Knowledge about traditional and modern training methods and techniques
  • Exceptional organization skills, leadership, and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work with a team and have attention to detail
  • Knowledgeable about learning management systems, instructional design, and e-learning platforms
  • Ability to handle multiple assignments and assess and analyze data.

✍️Job Requirements:
– Education: B.Sc. from any discipline.
– Experience: +1 year of experience.
– Computer Skills: Proficiency in Microsoft applications.
– Language: Very good in English.
– Other requirements: Strong organizational, communication, and management skills.
– Previous experience interacting with clients is a plus.

Salary & Benefits:
• Competitive package based on experience & qualifications as you will be working Full-Time from Etisal Assiut Premises.
• First three months’ probation.
• Medical & Social insurance.
• Mobile line for communication.

✍️Working Conditions:-
It is mainly in the office environment at Etisal Assiut premises in Assiut. Frequent visits to Etisal Assiut members and providers will be needed.

✅To #apply kindly click here.

✅If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email: or phone/Whatsapp: +201067737621

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