EiTESAL Business Matchmaking – June 2022

EiTESAL Business Matchmaking – June 2022

under the auspices of

H.E.Dr. Amr Talaat

Our Guest Speaker
Minister of ICT

Why to participate

Egypt  has recently launched an initiative Digital Egypt Offshoring Industry Vision 2022-2026 joining this match making event will allow you to get first-hand information about the benefits you will enjoy if you decide to invest in Egypt.

A full scale national electronics strategy is adapted to promote both the design & Manufacturing sides of the industry. MCIT is currently immersed in establishing the “Electronics innovation Hub” within the Knowledge city located in the top-notch New administrative capital of Egypt.

Recently, ITIDA reached an agreement with the “Global Semiconductors Alliance” to establish an Egyptian chapter, GSA-Egypt under the umbrella of EiTESAL. The fast-growing semiconductor Egytian industry will be spreading and integrated with the worldwide technology. EiTESAL members will be active members in the GSA and Dr. Haddara & Eng. Mohamed Mohsen, EiTESAL board members will attend the global convention in Munich to launch the chapter.

Match Making Objectives:

EiTESAL is launching 2022 match making round on June 27-28, 2022. The objectives of this round are:

  1.  Expose ITIDA Digital Egypt Outsourcing Strategy to international communities
  2. Matchmaking may allow partnership opportunities, merger or acquisition, export opportunities, engagement with foreign businesses.
  3. Highlight the advantage & useful product/services for our company members.
  4. Expose the Egyptian ICT industry nationally & internationally.
  5. Support members to grow & develop their businesses.
  6. Integrate small businesses with large corporates to allow creating job opportunities in remore geographic regions.
  7. Expose the role of EiTESAL in the innovation ecosystem

Event activities & Program:

Each day of the two event days will start with a keynote speech followed by technical workshops attended by those who will not have 1:1 meetings. Program will include side rich program of technology speeches, and panel sessions:

  1. Egypt as a destination of IT offshoring.
  2. Development of corporate strategy from project to products, and its economy.
  3. There will be a showcase of Russian technologies with possibility of mutual collaboration with the Russian companies
  4. The progress of digital Egypt program & the business opportunities offered to small & medium enterprises.
  5. The development of semi-conductor design industry in Egypt and the opportunities availed due to the business growth & the extended learning programs delivered to the Egyptian youth. The benefits offered by MCIT to the industry will be introduced.
  6. Technology topics; Industry 4.0, financial technology & services


Starting May 15  you will be able to register your participation.

1:1 Meetings

Starting June 7 until June 26 you will be able to view all participants and request 1:1 meeting with whom ever you need. Details of the process are in the page “Participation Guide”. There will be recommended AI match making recommendations given to you as participants come in.

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