Changemakers for the Planet Programme

Deadline Date: 15-Jan-2023

The Changemakers for the Planet Programme is now open for applications to provide young leaders with in-person summits, capacity building, funding for collaborative efforts, and life-long access to ChangemakerXchange’s vibrant global network of changemakers & activists.

Through ‘Changemakers for the Planet’ they connect, support and amplify the work and voices of hundreds of young changemakers, activists and innovators from all regions of the world who address the planetary crisis.

What you Expect?
  • Summits: The programme in each region starts with an in-person summit, convening 25 participants for an intensive 5 days in a beautiful location in nature. The gathering is designed to forge deep connections, foster wellbeing, and enable peer learning and meaningful collaborations.
  • Capacity Building and Collaborative Funding: The participants from each region then join a tailored online global capacity-building programme covering various different topics, including how to avoid burnout, fundraising, systems change strategies and more. They also get access to funding for collaborative efforts.
  • Community: Finally, everyone becomes a lifelong member of the global ChangemakerXchange community, including access to resources and regular opportunities to connect, learn and co-create.
Who is the Programme for?
  • The planetary crisis is the result of complex and interdependent systemic issues and inequalities.
  • For the “Changemakers for the Planet” programme, they are looking for young changemakers who tackle climate change, biodiversity loss, air, sea and land pollution. They are aware that identifying and implementing strategies which tackle the root causes as well as responding to the changes which will affect society in a variety of ways requires an intersectional and coordinated approach between numerous stakeholders working on the crisis.
  • In recognition of this, ChangemakerXchange’s focus will be deliberately broad to be inclusive of the diversity in this field.
  • They welcome applications for this Climate Action summit from changemakers from a variety of backgrounds working to address the planetary crisis, including social entrepreneurs and innovators, social change agents and activists, and civil society leaders.
Eligibility Criteria
  • They are currently open to applications from changemakers who tackle the ‘planetary crisis’ aged 18-35 and based / with impact in Europe or the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Participants get access to:
    • Summits convening 25 innovators each for a 5 day intensive experience of bonding, learning, and collaborating.
    • Capacity Building providing you with tailored skills-building sessions and connections to companions and allies.
    • Funding to go towards systemic collaborative efforts among participants.
    • Community giving you lifelong membership in ChangemakerXchange’s vibrant global network of 1000+ changemakers from 130 countries.
  • The programme is supported by Apple.

For more information, visit ChangemakerXchange.

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