Finance and Strategy

Business Acumen – Finance and Strategy “Board Business Simulation”

The design and methodology of the Business Acumen training track is a pure experiential learning experience. Where leaders draw on a range of skills to meet more complex sales and marketing challenges such as compet­itive differentiation, falling prices, and disruptive technology.

Learning Objectives:

– Management uses of basic financial statements

– Why market conditions dominate business decisions

– The difference between cash and profit

– The need to manage separately for cash and profit

-Fixed and variable costs

– The value of budgets and cash flow forecasts

– The impact of inventory build-up

– The need to control working capital

– SWOT analysis

– Break-even analysis

-Unit cost analysis

– Income Statement analysis ROA. ROI, and other metrics

KPIs used at your company to gauge performance


Training Topics:

– Team competition in this simulation consists of six strategically complex business cycles in which teams have full decision-making power and are held accountable for the results.

– In each cycle, teams develop and implement a business strategy that incorporates real-world dynamics: production capacity, customers, prices, financing, and more. Each cycle includes:

– Examining market drivers: supply and demand, niche marketing,qual­ity

– Competitor awareness, setting prices in a competitive market

– Ongoing strategic analysis, updating the strategic plan in response to changes in the industry and in the marketplace

– Budget and cash flow exercises

– Monitoring cash flow, Maintaining  the book’s of the operating compa­ny (Income Statement and Balance Sheet)

– Performance measurement and analysis, Posting, comparing, and discussion of results.

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