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Get support and advice through Etisal Assiut CSP program (The program is funded by ITIDA and is designed to help small and medium sized member companies to grow profitably by providing them with a subsidized professional service in the areas of HR, Finance, Legal, Digital Marketing, and Marketing. Etisal Assiut subsidizes the small (up to 10 employees), medium (from 25-50 employee) sized member companies participating in the CSP Program using any of the listed services.

Etisal Assiut selects the best service providers in each field with the best prices.

Etisal Assiut supports 80% of service cost with a set maximum subsidiary level per company depending on its size. Services offering and implementation are monitored by Etisal Assiut to ensure the commitment of the concerned parties, Etisal Assiut policy re-enforcement, and service quality level.

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