Apply Now: Empowerment of disabled women through technology

Etisal Assiut Association implementing a project called “Empowerment of disabled women through technology” that funded by the Finland embassy in Cairo. This project aims to help women and girls with disabilities in 11 districts (Abnoub – Abutij – Ghanayem – Sahel Selim – Sidfa – Manfalut – Qusiya – Dairout – Badari – Fath – Assiut) to achieve the financial independence of starting their small projects at their homes, to promote them and ensure sustainability through the use of ICT. Etisal will help girls and women to develop their hand-crafts, technological skills, selling, marketing, and business skills and by providing them with the raw materials and the manufacturing tools needed to start their small projects and market their products using modern technology methods to reach the largest number of consumers and solve their marketing problems resulting from the difficulty of moving. in addition to joining the labor market – increasing the income of girls and women involved in the action, and raising awareness among the community about the importance of economically empowering disabled women. They have hearing, speech, or movement disabilities. Training 110 girls (15 facilitators + 75 Girls of Handicrafts + 20 Girls of IT Tracks) will target 110 girls and women – 95 women and girls with speech, hearing, or movement disabilities and 15 girls with no disabilities whose ages range from 18 to 45 in 11 districts in Assiut Governorate.

75 girls will be trained on the following fields (pottery – sewing and embroidery – accessories manufacturing). Also, 20 educated girls will be trained on the following technological fields (Design and development of websites – graphic design, advertising, and publicity– e-marketing – photography), then they will be joined to 15 poor marginalized girls with no disabilities from the same districts. Those girls will be trained on using sign language in order to solve the problem of communication with girls with disabilities. All girls also will be trained on marketing and salesmanship to enable them to put 15 marketing plans in order to set up 15 projects in the three different craft areas and market them using the four technological methods. Also, by training all-girls (110 girls) on how to start their own businesses and financial planning and legal affairs for their small businesses, they will be able to put their own business plans to start their own businesses. A number of (5) round table sessions will be held to give the chance for all girls to make matchmaking with each other to develop their marketing and business plans well with the help of (5) business mentors (1 Mentor / Session) each session will last for (3) days.

Etisal Assiut Association will work with 5 technology companies of the member companies in Assiut Governorate and 10 partner non-governmental associations in the districts of Assiut to implement the economic empowerment program which will target 110 girls and women – 95 girls and women with speech, hearing, or movement disabilities, and 15 girls and women with no disabilities, whose age range from 18 to 45 years in 11 districts in Assiut Governorate.

To apply, visit us at our premises: 23 July St, Ibn Sina Tower, Above B-Tech Store, 6th floor

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