Accelerators/ Incubators Alumni Online Event- 17 Goals TV Program

The 17 Goals Program is eager to hear about all your brilliant projects and support your vision through media exposure, mentorship, coaching, business partnerships, financial support, and much more. Goals for Production and Development is honored to be partnering with the UN in Egypt in a mutual commitment to pursue sustainable success and prosperity for all.

Objectives of this event entail:

  • Orientation of the 17 Goals program for the alumni will give them all the information they need to know about our program (alumni of incubators and accelerators are our target audience).
  • The alumni are experienced, qualified, and reliable; their contribution is core to our program.
  • The event will bring forth new candidates for the program and guarantee recommendations, increasing the exposure of the program and reeling in the most capable startups.
  • Socializing to create long-lasting relationships with alumni from different sectors.
  • Creating a wide professional network with the startups’ ecosystem gaining leverage for the 17 Goals and UN in Egypt for further collaborations.

Startups from all stages are welcome to attend and apply before October the 31st, 2021.

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