Privacy Policy

Thank you, dear visitor, for your visit to our website, and we pledge you to preserve the privacy of your data that you provide us through the website. We also commit to clarifying our policy regarding your data privacy as follows:

  • You have the right to know how to use the data you share with our website.
  • We are committed to protecting the rights of all visitors and users of this site, and we are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of data. We have prepared this privacy policy to disclose our approach to collecting and disseminating data on this website.
  • We assure you that your privacy is a top priority for us, and we will only use it in an appropriate way to keep your privacy safe.
  • We also assure you that the site does not engage in any commercial activities. We do not always share personal data with any commercial entity, except for what is advertised to and approved by a decent user.
  • We also assure you that the site does not engage in any commercial activities. We do not permanently exchange personal data with any commercial entity, except for what is announced to the decent user and after his approval.
  • We never use our user data to send messages with commercial or promotional content.
  • We may use the data recorded on the site to generate questionnaires and feedback in order to develop the site and provide a more accessible and effective user experience for visitors and users.
  • We do not share this data with external parties unless they are necessary in the process of completing your request, unless this is in the context of collective data used for statistical purposes and research, without including any data that can be used to identify you.
  • Normally, the processing of data is automated (electronically) through specific applications and programs, without requiring staff participation or access to the data.
  • In exceptional cases (such as investigations and cases), Your data may be shared with regulators or those to whom they need to know. Subject to the provisions of the law and the orders of the judicial authorities.
  • This privacy policy applies to all services and transactions on the site, except where privacy services or transactions are provided for; It has a separate privacy policy, and it is not integrated with this privacy policy.
  • However, the site may contain links to other websites that are outside our control and are not covered by this privacy policy, if you access other sites using links available on our site; You will be subject to the privacy policy for these sites, which may be different from the site policy This requires you to read the privacy policy for these sites.
  • This portal may contain electronic links to sites or portals that may use different methods to protect data and privacy than we do. . We are not responsible for the contents and methods of privacy of other sites and are responsible for protecting them, and we recommend that you refer to the privacy notices for those sites.
  • In no case shall we sell, lease or trade your data for the benefit of any third party outside of this Site. We will at all times maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all the personal data we obtain.
  • Due to the great advances in technology, and the changing scope of scope of laws, the site reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy at any time it deems appropriate, and the amendments are implemented on this page, and you are notified in the event of any modifications that have effect.
  • To preserve your personal data, electronic storage and transmitted personal data are secured using appropriate security technologies.
  • You can always contact us to answer your questions about this policy through our Facebook page on the following link: Or through mobile or WhatsApp at the following numbers: 01009845500 – 01067737621

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